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Pune to Mumbai A journey via India's first International Expressway

Travelling to Pune before 15 years was a very tough task. Thanks to Indias first International Expressway built in 2002 in between Indias Biggest IT hub Pune and Indias financial capital and dream city Mumbai.  
If you are travelling to Mumbai from Pune. you will have 2 options old pune mumbai highway and International Expressway.

A journey in which you will be taken through many natural scenery. When you start with you will see a nice view of Subrato Roy Sahara cricket stadium. While travelling through this area you will feel like you are travelling in a foreign country. 

A nice view of hills and clouds around Kamshet region of expressway will amaze you if you are travelling to Mumbai in rainy season. This will give you refreshing feeling and you will love this natures scenery. Long tunnels will be exciting part of your journey. 
After around 60 km you will go through outskirts of lonavala city which is covered with hills and beautiful waterfalls. 
Khopoli region of expressway will be covered with high hill range and posh ghat roads. 

You will find some food malls near to expressway specially build for Expressway travellers.

The next part of your journey to mumbai will reach to Panvel and from where you can say new Mumbai starts actually. You will see tall building, Monorail, Metros and many amazing things in Mumbai. 

This beautiful journey of around 1409 KMs you can cover in only 2 and half hours safely with the help of Pawar Travels. Pawar travels is a company where you can get cabs from very low rate and you can enjoy safe and unforgettable journey to Mumbai. 

Pune to Mumbai cab

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pune To Raigad Fort Cabs Services in Pune

Pune To Raigad Fort Taxi Services in Pune

Pune To Raigad Fort Cab Services in Pune


Pune To Raigad Fort Cab


Raigad hill fort is located in Mahad, Raigad District Shivaji Maharaj Made
Raigad as his Capital in the year of  1674 when he was Suprime king of Maratha kingdom which later on turned into Maratha Empire. Pune to
Raigad fort cab distance is 123 kms.  Mannny people go to Raigad for trekking The height of this fort is 2700 feeet and the time taken for treeking is  2 and a half four. Raigaf fort is just Spectacular and the trek is amazing if conduced at night its safe at night but carry a good flashlight with you as it is scary during night . For people who do not have trekking experience ropeway is provided to them which directly takes you on the top of the fort .
          Places to see on the fort are Holicha Mal, Takmak Tok, Jagdishwar
Temple,Samadi of  Maharaj Shivaji Raje , Samadhi of Waghya, Queens Palace and Meena Darvaja.  in 1818 the fort was destroyed by using
cannons. Major features of Raigad fort is it was built by Chandrarao Moses
in 1030 with six chambers, each having its own private restrooms. Some of
the excillent places for trekking around Raigad are Torana Fort which is
just 30 kms from raigad and visible from the top of Raigad fort.
Lingana fort which is 3 kms in the western sahyadri range with a height of
2969 . Birwadi- Raigad trek pre Shivaji Era village Birwadi is 24 kms from
Raigad a trek along river Kal. Mahad trek is of 21 km along river Gandhari via pachad to Raigad.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Pune To Panhala Darshan Cab service

Pune To Panhala Darshan Cab Service

Pune To Panhala Darshan Taxi Service

Panhala Located 20 kms northwest of kolhapur,Maharashtra literally"the
home of Serpents"The total distance from Pune to Panhala is 231 which
takes 5 hours by road to reach there. The Queen regent of Kolhapur
State,Tarabai spent her manny years. panhala one of the best Forts in
Kolhapur. There is abundant to see at panhala ,most of the structures are
still not damaged.The Perfect time to visit Panhala tourism is during the monsoon
and winter season. Trekkers often visit this fort to collect information
about various forts. There are manny things to watch on the fort they are
Statue of Baji Prabhu one of the greatest warriors of Chatrapati Shivaji
Maharaj's army. Andhar Bavadi a three story structure on the fort also called the Hidden
Dharma Kothi Again one more granary of Panhala which used to supply
food to the needy people.
Wagh Darwaja other entrance of Panhala which was ued to trap for any
intruders. Kalvanticha was the food storage area on the fort at the center of panhala
fort. Rajdindi Bastion was the hidden exists on the fort which Shivaji Maharaj
used to escape Vishalgad during the battle of Pavan Khind.
Palace of  Tarabai. Pawankhind lies at a distance of 55 km From panhala darshan.
It is one of the largest fort in the deccan. There are several monuments on
the fort which are considered notable. Panhala was traditionally conssidered as the house of Maharishi Parashra. Parashra. The marathi poet of 18th century Moropanth wrote most of his
work in these caves, The birth place of Moropanth is Pan

Friday, 13 May 2016

Pune To Pandharpur Taxi Tourism Services from Pawar Travels

Pune To Pandharpur Cab Tourism Services

Pune To Pandharpur Taxi Tourism Services

pune-to pandharpur-taxi

Pune to Situated on the Banks of Bhima river is Pandarpur which has an elevation of 1502 feet. Pandarpur is well connected by road the distance from pune to Pandarpur is 203. While Going to Pandarpur we can also visit Jejuri which is famous temple of khandoba it has an elivation of 2355 feet . Jejuri temple can be divided into 2 seprate sections the Mandap and Garbhagriha. On the Banks of river NIRA lies shirwal a village that lies in between Pune and Satara. Jejuri is 48 km from pune. The language there is marathi .Shirval has a very old civilization ie from the era of Shivaji Maharaj it has a small fort named SUBHANMANGAL. The famous village Andori is situated just 18 km west of shirval and is speedily developing village and has a vetirnery college.

Places to see in Pandarpur tourism are Paundalika Temple which is about half a km from Vitthoba temple and the Vishnupada Temple is anout 1 km from Pundalika Temple. pune to pandharpur taxi distance 210 km.

The Pandarpur temple covers a vast area it has a total of  6 gates . The eastern gate is known as Namdev Gate . The Pandarpur  Pad- yatra is held every year in the month of june-july which Starts from Alandi to Pandarpur this travelling journey takes 21 days to reach vithoba temple.
The main entrance of the temple is facing towards the Chandrabhaga .
Samadhi of Namdev is at the entrance people will first pray to ardent followers and then enter into the temple.


Pune To Malshej Ghat Cabs Services Provide in low lost

Pune To Malshej Ghat Cabs Services in Pune 

Pune To Malshej Ghat Taxi Services in Pune 



Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western ghats in Pune district .
Malshej Ghat is known for hundreds of diferent kinds of Flora and fauna. The distance from Pune to Malshej Ghat is 119. There are mant things to do in  Malshej Ghat some of them are:
1.Bird Watching at Pimpalgaon Joga Dam- this is the main attraction of Malshej ghat which is just 5 km  long built over Pushpawati River. The dam is well known for several migrating birds like Pink Flamingos, Quail,Pied crusted cuckoo, Purple Moorhen which gives a regular appearances. 

2.Trek Up to Harishchandragad fort- A visit to Malshej Ghat is not complete without a trek to harishchandragad fort. Places to see on the fort are:
Kedaeshwar cave
Taramati Peak
Konkan Kada which shows a beautiful view of Konkan and sunset too.
There are many caves on this fort.

3.Enjoying the Waterfalls- In Malshej Ghat you can find numerious waterfalls boyh small as well as huge these waterfalls are popular tourist spots comming from Pune to Malshej Ghat cab for a one day trip.

Just 40 kms away from Malshej ghat the historic fort Shivneri fort is located , this place is the birth place of Shivaji Maharaj . He was born here on 19th feburary 1630 and spended his childhood days on Shivneri . As Shivneri was the strongest fort his father choose this fort  as the birth place of Shivaji, this fort had 7 doors . Places to see on shivneri fort are the Ganga and the jamuna water springs on the fort, Statue of Jijabai, along with statue of Shivaji Maharaj, badami Talav a huge reservoir on the fort, Shivai Temple- Temple of goddest Shivai after whome Shivaji Maharaj was named, Kedelot this is a point on the fort from where criminals were thrown off as a punishment.

Cab From Pune To Mahabaleshwar Package

Cab From  Pune To Mahabaleshwar Package

Taxi From  Pune To Mahabaleshwar Package

Pune To Mahabaleshwar taxi

Pawar travels provide Pune to Mahabaleshwar cab  to our tourists.  The total kms from pune to Mahabaleshwar  cab is 120. Mahabaleshwar is well connected to NH 4. the nearest airport is Pune International Airport  . Comming towards the attractions cab fromPune to Mahabaleshwar they are :
1. veena lake - the lake is surrounded by trees on all the three sides there are hotels where one can book a room on rent  from where they can gt a beautiful view of the veena lake.
2. Kates point-  kates point is well known for his view of two reservoirs namely Balakwadi and Dhom.
3. Elephant Point- Needle Hole Point is located near Kate's point, it looks like an elephant's trunk. 
4. Wilson Point- It is the only point amongst all points  in Mahabaleshwar   from where both Sunrise and sunset can be seen.  
5. Rajpuri Caves- The main attraction of Rajapuri Caves is a temple devoted to lord Kartikeya which is located inside the caves. As soon as u enter into the caves you can find some huge rocks on which messages are written September to May is the best time to visit Rajpuri Caves.

Pune To Harihareshwar Cab Hire Services in Pune

Pune To Harihareshwar Cab Hire Services in Pune

Pune To Harihareshwar Taxi Hire Services in Pune

Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district. It is surrounded by four hills named harihareshwar, Harshinchal,Bramhadri, and Pushpadri. Towards the north there is a temple of lord Harihareshwar ,it is said that it has been blessed by lord Shiva. Hence harihareshwar is often known  to as Dev ghar .Pawar Travels provide pune to harihareshwar cab hire services.

Places to See around harihareshwar tourist places are :
1.Ganesh Gully-  it is a culvert which is a very narrow of about 3 feet wide in between two hard Rocky Mountains. It is assumed that at the end of the culvert there is a holy place where the Idol of Lord Ganesh is Placed.

2.Shiva temple- this is the ancient temple in harihareshwar. The legend of Shiva Temple states  that Lord Shiva  created Kalabhairava and blessed him with manthras. The unique style of this temple is attractive.

3.Temple Pradakshina -  The temple is located at the top of a hill and the parikarima path falls  right down to the Arabain sea. As you enter the Pradakshina area,there is a gayatri tirth on the right side .

4.Valas beach- Near valas beach you can watch Turtle eggs hatch and see  how they make their way into a sea. One Turtle lay about 150 eggs in a nest these eggs takes about 2 months to hatch. It is 30  mins away via Ferry.  Near by places  to see are the Bankok Fort, Velas Village, Kelish village  and  Pan buruj. The Bankot  fort now Dosent have any source of Portable water , near the entrance you can see Ganpati temple and a dry well. It is a square shaped fort.

  Shrivardhan - it is 20 km from harihareshwar ,it is the place from where the prime ministers of the maratha Kingdom the “Peshwas” came from.